Ten Ways to Tackle Credit Card Debt

Debt is a major threat to anyone’s savings goals.Mostpeople havesome form of credit card debtand while it is helpfulwhenestablishing credit ormakinglarge purchases,using too much of one’s credit line can create debt that isbecomes increasingly hard to get out of. If you are tired of struggling with payments toward debt every month and need a game plan, check out some of our tips below!

1.Make small payments throughout the month.

2.Pay more than the minimum amount due every month.

3.Take a look at your entire financial picture (how much do you owe in total)(create a list of how much you owe on each card and subtract from it as you pay it off)

4.Create a monthly budget and allocate extra (after savings) to your credit card bills

5.Pay off cards with the highest APR first.

6.Take a look at where any extra money is going (subscriptionsetc)

7.Pick up a side hustle or start a business

8.Stop using your cards

9.Developyour plan and stick to it!

10.Build your emergency fund

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