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  • 2% Transaction fees
  • Private Groups
  • $1 Withdrawal Fee
  • Join up to 1 group
  • Secure Transfers


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  • 1.8% Transaction fees
  • Private Groups
  • Free Withdrawals
  • Join up to 2 groups
  • Secure Transfers

We are committed to providing a free plan for you to start your savings journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To make payments simply connect a valid U.S bank account account and join a group. By joining a group you agree to pay your monthly payments on a scheduled basis. Deductions are made from your account on due payment dates and members can choose to receive notifications prior to all transactions. 


To receive payments simply withdraw your funds directly from the app to your bank account. 

Payments are received from each member of the group on your scheduled collection date. You can find your scheduled payment date on your group dashboard. 

Funds are collected from each member on the date of their scheduled payment. This attempt is usually taken from each bank account during the early hours of the day.

If a member of the group leaves mid-cycle, they will be held responsible for all payments due. They will not be able to join other groups until the debt is paid. Missing payments may be reported to a collections agency or credit bureau. 

We take the initiative to ensure that our members feel confident saving with us, so we step in to pay off any missing payments. This way the group can continue until completion of all cycles. 



We send notifications prior to any transaction. Reminders are used to ensure that members are aware  of any upcoming payments. In the event that a payment is late, you are still responsible for paying back the group. If a payment is late for more than 5 days, we will report the late payment to a collections agency and/or credit bureau. 

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