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1. Register & Activate​

Create an account using our secure and encrypted registration form. You will need to be verified in order to make and receive payments. A valid U.S bank account will be required upon registry.  

2. Join or Start Group​

Saving with others can help you reach your savings goals faster. Find a group online or invite a group of friends to save with you. Commit to rotating funds on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Our system tracks and notifies you of upcoming payments.

3. Save & Withdraw​

When it's your turn to receive funds, easily deposit the collection into your linked bank account. Transactions are fast and instant, as we've partnered with trusted and reliable payment providers.


Basic Plan

  • 2% Transaction fees
  • Private Groups
  • $1 Withdrawal Fee
  • Join up to 1 group
  • Secure Transfers

Most Popular

  • 1.8% Transaction fees
  • Private Groups
  • Free Withdrawals
  • Join up to 2 groups
  • Secure Transfers

With 256-bit encryption and multi-factor authentication.

OTP Protected Log-in

Secure ACH Payments

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Fastsusu is a mobile application designed to help individuals achieve their financial savings goals and build credit. Users connect through community based money pools and rotate their funds to save capital faster.  The platform simulates the traditional form of a rotational savings club. 

Rotational savings clubs are also as tandas (Latin America),  cundinas (Mexico), susu (West Africa and the Caribbean), partnerhand (Carribean/UK), hui (Asia), Game'ya (Middle East), kye (South Korea), tanomosiko (Japan), pandeiros (Brazil) and arisan (Indonesia).

In order to save with Fastsusu, you must be over the age of 18 with a valid U.S. bank account. 

Fastsusu is free to join! However, we require a payment of 2% for every transaction deposited into the users linked bank account. 

Please complete the registration form here. You will be notified of our expected app release date. Once the application is available on the IOS and Google Play store, you will receive a link for mobile download. 

Fastsusu digitizes the process of a traditional group savings method called a susu. In a susu, a group of people set the amount of cash they each wish to save for the month. This goal amount could range between $1,000-$10,000.

In order to attain this goal, each member agrees to pool their contributions in a pot for one person to collect. Payments are split between the number of people in the group and this process continues every month until each member has a chance to collect the lump sum. 

This process makes it easier for each person to save a larger amount of capital by making small payments over time, with the help of others. The idea  of micro loans or short term savings loans can alleviate the burden of outside loans with high APR rates. 

We've partnered with trusted banking API providers that cross check our user background information for credibility. 

Members receive constant reminders about making payments via notifications and in-app reminders. Group members also have the ability to view missed payments from participating members. 


Members who fail to make a payment on our multiple attempts to collect, will receive an official notice of account termination and may be blocked from participating in future groups.

Available for iOS & Android